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Buying your first home is an exhilarating experience, but it can

also be a bit overwhelming at times. Your crunching numbers,

negotiating prices, balancing budgets, all the while trying to find

the home of your dreams. Then, you find the perfect house and

make an offer- that is where I come in.


                                                                What role does the Home Inspector play?

                                                                As your inspector, my primary job is simple- to

                                                                    provide you with as much information as I can about

                                                                    the home and its current condition so that you can

                                                                    make an informed purchase decision with absolute

                                                                    confidence. Remember, I work for you, not the

                                                                    agents, brokers, or lenders. I have your best interest.


                                                                    What makes my services stand out?

                                                                    As this is your first home, I also make it my job to

                                                                    educate you as much as I can about homes in

                                                                    general, maintaining their many systems, proper

                                                                    preparation for seasonal changes, etc. My secondary

                                                                    goal is to make you as prepared and as

                                                                    knowledgeable as possible for the many challenges

                                                                    that you will face with your new home.


                                                                   Furthermore, I offer an industry-leading guarantee

                                                                    that simply states should it be discovered during the

                                                                    first 90 days that I had missed anything while        

                                                                    performing your inspection (even something as 

                                                                    minor as a $10 GFCI,) I will see to it that your home

                                                                    will be bought back from you for the full purchase

                                                                    price; completely eliminating any risk on your part or

                                                                    chance of buyer's remorse. For this reason alone,

                                                                    why would you hire anyone else?

Buying your first home?

I offer lifetime assistance to my clients.

As your home inspector, I will be there long after the physical inspection or the report has been written. I commit myself to you forever. Feel free to call or email me anytime should you ever have any questions. I will always be here to offer maintenance or repair advice, recommend a trusted pre-screened contractor, or just to let me know how things are going. This is the kind of personal attention that I provide.

"As a first time buyer, I had never experienced a home inspection and had many questions...John was great. He took the time to thoroughly answer them all and he demonstrated a knowledge base that I found comforting as I never realized everything that can be learned during a home inspection." ~ Denise A. Ann Arbor

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