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Free Consumer's Home Inspection Kit

To be used before you make your offer- not in place of a professional home Inspection


Freddie Mac has put together a 3 step program for a consumer

inspection which is different from hiring a professional home

inspector such as myself. The purpose of this kit is to give you

the tools you need to select and maintain the right home for

you- before you make an offer.  I think you’ll agree that the

right home for you is affordable, comfortable and within your

means to maintain for as long as you choose to live in it. 


This kit offers insights that will help you make a more informed

decision in your choice of a home as affording a home involves

much more than just having enough money to cover the down

payment, closing costs, and your monthly mortgage obligations.

It also involves maintaining the overall condition of the home

while you live in it in addition to the repairs and preventive measures needed which can easily be just as costly if not more.


This kit will explain how to conduct your own consumer home inspection with an easy–to–use, step–by–step approach. Once you’ve evaluated your results, you’ll be better equipped to make a wise decision, whether it’s “Yes, I like this home; it not only suits the needs of my family, but I can afford to buy and maintain it.” or “No, although I live this home, I cannot realistically afford to buy and maintain it.” Either way, it pays to know what you’re up against before you make an offer to purchase.


                                                                                                   Once again, the Consumer's Home Inspection Kit does not replace

                                                                                                   the professional home inspection that I provide. It is rather a tool

                                                                                                   to be used by prospective buyers to aid them in making the best

                                                                                                   purchase decision before signing any contract or making a

                                                                                                   formal purchase offer. Once you conduct your own consumer

                                                                                                   home inspection, you will be in a better position to make your

                                                                                                   decision to buy a particular home based on the results; you will then make an offer and sign a contract. It is at this point where I come in and professionally inspect the home and give you an objective and comprehensive report- before the closing, so that you then have all the facts available to you to make the final purchase decision or ask for any concessions from the seller.


In addition, you may want to have the home tested for possible environmental hazards that are not usually visible, including, lead in the water, lead in paint, asbestos, radon or other toxic materials. I can provide these services for you as well, so please let me know if you have any questions about them.


What to Expect


A Consumer's Home Inspection Kit will give you the information you need to:

  • Identify a home’s distinguishing features that make it attractive for purchase

  • Estimate the costs and identify solutions for any problems uncovered during the consumer home inspection

  • Provide a basis for comparing homes you are considering buying

  • Make sure you can afford to buy your home and maintain it

  • Equip yourself with the tools you need to make an educated decision in your own best interest

  • Learn what’s ahead of you now, rather than down the road

  • An informed homebuyer is a successful homeowner.



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